Ehdiitat Gwich’in Council

Ehdiitat Gwich'in Council

Aklavik is located on the Peel Channel of the Mackenzie Delta, approximately 100 kilometres south of the Beaufort Sea. It was the administrative centre of the Western Arctic before Inuvik was built in the late 1950’s. The Aklavik Indian Band was previously a sub-band of the Fort McPherson Indian Band.

Ehdiitat Gwich’in Council
PO Box 118 Aklavik NT X0E 0A0
Ph: 867-978-2340     Fax: 867-978-2937

Director Roxanne John
Director Randy Edwards
Director Roxanne John
Director Danny Greenland
Director Eddie Greenland
Director Michael Greenland
Director Gladys Edwards
Director Andrew Charlie

Ehdiitat Gwich’in Renewable Resources Council
PO Box 118 Aklavik NT X0E 0A0
Ph: 867-978-2336     Fax: 867-978-2937
President: Fanny Greenland
Coordinator: Jeremy Moshar Email: